A Fine Year

I took a bottle of red wine from the cellar,

It was a deep burgundy, and the glass was cool to my touch,

I smuggled it away in my cloth sack buried beneath my towel,

It was the heat of the day, and the call of the water spurred me on,

The ground was treacherous, and the insects irritating, 

My cargo was at once fragile, satisfying, inexpendable,

Swimming across the cold, clear salty waters was uncomfortable, yet invigorating,

Enveloped in the protective shade of my favourite tree I sat there savouring its bitter fruity experience,

I sat in the cool sand that surrounded my tree,

Each sip I took filled me with grace, it was elegant, and it was soothing,

As if by magic the bitterness disappeared upon reaching my lips, 

The red liquid transformed into something more, something sweet,

I savoured the taste, and welcomed the change,

It was a fine year.

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